In the creation of this project, we had the opportunity to speak to 29 incredible people, many of whom are doing great community work in the city of Boston. If any of their stories inspired you, please consider learning more about their organizations and how you may be able to support them - whether through donations, volunteer work, or simply spreading the word.

Here they are:


Adam Foss, Founder of Prosecutor Integrity

Alexander Lynn, Long-time Boston activist and Writer

Andrea James, Founder of Families for Justice as Healing

Armani White, Founder of Young Abolitionists

Barbara Fields, Formerly of the Boston Public Schools' Office of Equity

Carl Williams, Staff Attorney at the ACLU of Massachusetts

Charmaine Arthur, Director of Community Programs at Freedom House

Cindy Diggs, Founder of Peace Boston

Craig Reinarman, Professor of Sociology at UC Santa Cruz

Dana Johnson, Founder of RIP Movement

David Courtwright, Professor of Sociology at the University of North Florida

Elizabeth Hinton, Professor of History and of African and African American Studies at Harvard

Emily Dufton, Expert in Drug Policy

Haywood Fennell, Writer, Director, Community Advocate, and Teacher

Hajah McGee, Community Activist and Social Philanthropist

Jason Lydon, Founder and National Director of Black and Pink

Jeremy Thompson, Manager of the Transitional Employment Program at Haley House

Kevin Drakulich, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Northeastern University

Lisa Owens, Executive Director of City Live Vida Urbana

Kurt Schmoke, President of the University of Baltimore

Marc Mauer, Executive Director of the Sentencing Project

Mary Curry, Drug Abuse Counselor

Michael Curry, President of Boston's NAACP

Monica Cannon, Community Activist and Former Candidate for Massachusetts State Representative

Rahsaan Hall, Director of the Racial Justice Program at the ACLU of Massachusetts

Richard O'Bryant, Director of the John D. O'Bryant African American Institute

Rickey Mcgee, Community Activist and Social Philanthropist

T. Michael Thomas, Founder of the People's Academy